New Orleans

A Damn Good Wedding



A rooftop wedding with the New Orleans sunset as the back drop? Count me in!!
  My coworker and good friend Donna married the love of her life August 1st at the world renowned Jackson Brewery in the New Orleans French Quarter. What a wonderful night filled with love and fun. It was a true honor to have been included in the festivities and absolutely wonderful getting to see John and Donna celebrate their love for one another. I pray they have many more years of happiness! Love y’all!!!!






…So I met Spitta

me and Spitta

me and Spitta

So I got the chance to meet my favorite NOLA emcee. Curren$y was super cool… just as I expected. After he handed my brother a spliff  as he passed our table, we ran into him again on Decatur St. I asked for a picture and he gladly agreed. Great Night. #jetlife

Family Reunion pics, some Shaq faces and other randoms….

Some family reunion pics from last weekend in New Orleans. Good seeing everybody I love:

BeBe and the kiddies 😉

notice my pops eyeballin the next cheeto...hehe

 Some random Shaq faces:


yea... I know right? I saw this at the CVS by my house.

hmmm...I wonder what they sale over there? Somewhere in New Orleans... can't remember

uhhhhh....king of America? Sorry, i'm not jumpin on THIS banwagon

yyyyeeeeaaaa.... where are her eyebrows man?

Whit Whit must be on some sort of medication cause that is not a healthy...healthy

Curren$y – Life Under The Scope

Soooo…I LOVE this guy! Curren$y is utterly refreshing to me. His subject matter, weed metaphors and production collabs drives those who don’t know to ask, “THIS nigga from New Orleans??” I reply, “yes!” with a smile everytime. Curren$y is mos def in his own galaxy and the best part is…he’s more than willing to show you around. Here’s my new favorite, “Life Under the Scope” and the download is to your right in the music box. Enjoy and comment.

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