I can’t remember the precise moment I started watching Parts Unknown, but I do know, prior to that, I’d never heard of Anthony Bourdain and despised culinary shows. That all changed after experiencing him on CNN for the first time a few years back. I was hooked.

Anthony Bourdain had a way of making his viewers feel apart of his travels, conversations, and experiences. He was always engaging with his surroundings, eating exotic shit, being fearless, and never shying away from controversial issues effecting the locals wherever he traveled. Bourdain never exploited those people, disrespected them or made them feel small. He always seems curious about their plight, what they were going through, and why it was happening.

His suicide hit me hard this morning. I can’t say it hit me harder than I thought it would because I didn’t anticipate it or anything like that. I, like many others around the world, just didn’t see it coming. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready. I doubt that anyone was. I just pray his loved ones get through this.

RIP Anthony Bourdain.

From one of my favorite Parts Unknown episodes:


Mini Album Review: Indie 500


After a typical Saturday night behind the bar I decided to do some digging for new music. Now, just incase you didn’t know this about me, I definitely have a go to list of artists and musicians that I keep tabs on. I’ve been jamming these talented individuals for years, and if you rock with me then you would probably know at least a few names on this list.
Anyway, I started thinking about what I wanted to hear, and it didn’t take very long for me to recall an article I read online a little over a month ago about two of my favorite hip hop artists collaborating on an album. Talib Kweli and 9th Wonder’s Indie 500 album dropped November 6th of this year, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. Talib’s poetic lyrics flowing on top of 9th Wonder’s melodic, and timeless tracks creates the perfect “this is a future classic” body of work.
The albums collabs shouldn’t go unnoticed either.Tracks like, “Pay ya Dues” featuring Problem and Bad Lucc undoubtedly adds extra flavor to the album.
Although I’m very much aware of how jacked up the industry is, I still wish Indie 500 would’ve received the same exposure that other 2015 albums did. This collaboration is so important to the Hip Hop music community. Music like this is a reminder that Hip Hop is still alive and well. I hope y’all hear this s***.

Album Review: SoundsfromtheBackSeat


Hash and Jettimastyr

       If you weren’t aware that Houston, Texas is home to some true emcees and producers, then allow me to direct your attention to The Houston Elite Emcees, aka T.H.E.M., and one of their founding members Hash Brown (the emcee). On his debut solo album SoundsfromtheBackSeat, Hash, aka Jettimastyr (the producer), made sure to incorporate some of T.H.E.M. and their talents into the production and writing of the album. I’m convinced the various collaborations helped in the creation of an intricate and wonderfully raw project with lyrical content for days and an all together fresh sound. From Hollywood Floss blessing ears with a beautiful sample on the album titled track SoundsfromtheBackSeat, to Hash holding rappers accountable on the song The Dedication, it’s all good stuff. Although I wish more could’ve been done to some tracks (i.e. The Baptism should’ve been longer!!!!), the listener gets more than just a taste of the emcee/producer’s layered talent. He gives you the whole entrée…Sunday dinner style.

    Below are some of the tracks from the album that stood out to me. This was the hardest part for me, and the most fun. Also, at the bottom are the myspace and twitter page links for a more detailed sample of the album. Check my music box on the right of the page to download Love Supreme and So Special.


• 2. Royalty- Hash eloquently brings us up to speed on his life story using sweet word play and a touch of family pride on this track. The song kind of reminds me of Happy Home by Talib Kweli. Hollywood Floss shows off his production skills again on this one with a simple, clean beat.

•6. The Baptism- Hash’s word play is crazy on this song. I love metaphors and puns and this track is full of them.  “Baptize me in the name of the truest spittas, let me be ordained my verse is scripture…” The production helmet was on Jettimasytr, aka Hash, for this song with another A+ sample. I wish this one was just a little bit longer.

•5. Love Supreme- CRAZY!! I love this one. It’s not my favorite, but It’s certainly in the top…uh, 2.  Once I got past the insane Anita Baker sample, and the sweet guitar work by Chris Rockaway, I was able to soak in the anthem about an undying love for hip hop. Fat Tony and Hash do some justice to another beat produced by Jettimastyr.

•12.Dreamin’- This isn’t the typical “we are the world and you can do it” song. Take Dustin-Prestige’s insane word play and delivery combined with Hash’s catchy one liners, match it just right with Jettimastyr and Chris Rockaway’s production skills and this is what you get: a perfect wake and bake joint.

•13. SoundsfromtheBackSeat- This is my favorite track on this album. The first time I heard it I cried. Yea, you’re laughing now, but that’s because you haven’t heard it. I mean listen to the lyrics (although that might be difficult at first because of the crazy sample). Hash throws it all on the table with vivid details and three stories that made my heart ache. Hollywood Floss put his whole self into the sample. I love it. This song has to have the most perfect lyric and track relationship I’ve heard in several months with the tone of the beat, and the added touches to the track.  Can I just say, thank you.

Check out Hash’s twitter and Council Music’s  myspace: twitter.com/jettimasstyr www.myspace.com/councilmusic