On Green Dolphin Street

On Green Dolphin Street by Miles Davis is one of my favorite classical jazz songs. It reminds me of Christmas, Thanksgiving, my mom’s hugs, my dad’s white beans and rice, and my brothers jokes….all rolled into one feeling. I listen to it when I need to find my center, and my happy place. It’s one of those songs that always reminds me of who I am, and where I come from.

Origanally composed by Bronislaw Kaper in 1947, On Green Dolphin Street was composed for a feature film by the same name. Miles Davis transformed it into a jazz standard and made it the classic is today. Enjoy 🤗  


Song of the Week

Where There is Love – Patrice Rushen

I just stumbled across an old Patrice Rushen track, and I’m in LOVE. I’ve always loved Ms. Rushen growing up. As a matter of fact, her most notable hit, Forget Me Nots, was my jam, but I obviously missed some of her catalogue.
I heard Where There is Love for the first time last night, and got super annoyed. How did I miss this 80’s gem? How did I miss this amazing song from the very musical era I’ve grown to love so much?
Where There is Love, from Rushen’s 1982 album Straight from the Heart, is a beautiful and musically poetic piece of music about the very fantasy of love that all black women daydream of. The musicianship captured my ear before the lyrics did, but after hearing it for the like the 5th time, I began to relate to the words in the song. They remind me of what I hope to find in life… Love, security, and satisfaction. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do.


Live in Concert: Wiz and Curren$y

   Live in Concert is probably one of my favorite Curren$y and Wiz collaborations. I’ve been an avid follower of Curren$y that Hot Spitta’s music for almost 12 years (Wiz for almost 7), and I have no plans on stopping the music train.
  I love the fact that this project takes a simple, and raw approach as far as sampling is concerned. Live in Concert  is all about good vibes, relaxation, as well as powerful fusion jazz samples that will make your dad reminisce on his college days. 

 The retro 70’s vibe shines through with samples from Bobbi Humphrey’s Fancy Dancer album. That element alone is how I snuck Curren$y into my 65 year old dad’s playlist (hehe 😐). Check it out below: https://youtu.be/BINiRPGUJrk

20 Years Later….


me and Justin last week


me and Justin: left pic, present… right pic from graduation 2006

I’ve known him since I was 7 years old. He used to annoy the s*** out of me in Sunday school at church and in high school I avoided him, his friends, and his bullying. We were always conscience of one another, but our interests never intersected… and therefore, neither did we.
Now fast forward 8 years later: I reconnected with him on a random Wednesday night last week and spent some time with him that weekend. During our conversations I realized that this was the first time we ever really talked one on one in 20 years. Yea, I know…
I can’t seem to shake the fact that we meshed so well and I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would feel so comfortable around him. Back in high school, I was so uneasy when it came to him and his critical ass friends. Glad it’s different now, and I hope we chill again soon.