baton rouge

Trump Train Wreck

I’ve been alive to see Daddy Bush, Clinton, Dubya, and Obama complete their respective presidential terms. Yet I never, in a million years, thought I would see such a treason infested, and lying administration in the highest platform of government in this United States. Donald Trump, the modern day Benedict Arnold, is nothing more than a Putin influenced infection contaminating and attacking our democratic process.

From Donald Trump’s past and pre dealings with the Russian mafia, to the obstruction of justice accusations, money laundering and other charges surrounding him and his dwindling camp, Cheeto Jesus is Harlem shakin’ in his boots… and I’m here for it.

As head of the Special Counsel investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 United States elections, Robert Mueller has become the captain save a ho’ for all Americans who haven’t drank the MAGA koolaid. I am confident that Mueller has it in the bag as far as the demise of Trump and his “empire” is concerned. I am also hoping that Mueller can somehow nab Omarosa and Ben’s asses too … for good measure.


Monday playlist 


  • Landed- Andretti 12/30 
  • Stash House – Andretti 12/30

Amy Winehouse 

  • Know You Now – Frank
  • Halftime – Lioness: Hidden Treasures 
  • Cherry Wine – Life is Good (Nas 2012)  


  • Nothing Like Loving You 


    Bye Baby – Life is Good 

    Buckshot and 9th Wonder

    • No Future – The Formula 

    On Green Dolphin Street

    On Green Dolphin Street by Miles Davis is one of my favorite classical jazz songs. It reminds me of Christmas, Thanksgiving, my mom’s hugs, my dad’s white beans and rice, and my brothers jokes….all rolled into one feeling. I listen to it when I need to find my center, and my happy place. It’s one of those songs that always reminds me of who I am, and where I come from.

    Origanally composed by Bronislaw Kaper in 1947, On Green Dolphin Street was composed for a feature film by the same name. Miles Davis transformed it into a jazz standard and made it the classic is today. Enjoy 🤗