This Mess: The City of St. George



My home town, Baton Rouge, is at somewhat of a cross roads. After a sixty year public school desegregation case which didn’t end until the mid 2000’s, a small portion of the community, mostly upper to middle class whites, desires to break off from the capitol city and incorporate their own town.
   The City of St. George is a proposal to break off from BR to incorporate a new city. Supporters blame this idea on the EBR public school system. These people feel as though our school system is a never evolving disaster. Yes, it’s pretty bad, but abandonment isn’t the answer. Now some folks reading this would say, “oh what do you know??? You went to private school..”, and I would say, “yea, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have friends and family who flourished with a public EBR parish school system education… Because I do.”
  In retaliation to this stupid idea, a counter reaction has occurred. “Better Together” is the phrase adopted by the mayor along with other local politicians and residents of Baton Rouge who are opposed to this notion. The pubic dialogue and meetings have drawn an interest to the city, which is a good thing in my opinion.
  Over the past several months this story has caught fire, even capturing the attention of several national media outlets. Front Line, a PBS series, recently aired a piece about the City of St. George proposal. Check it out Here:


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