While scrolling through Facebook the other day, I stumbled upon a gem of an article that was posted by a Facebook friend. The article is about Trayvon Martin’s best friend Rachel Jeantel, and the ridicule she faced during her time on the stand. I won’t say much just because this whole case is super touchy, but this piece definitely cosigned on my feelings of compassion for her. Check it out, and remember that before we judge, we should always remember that we only know some much about folks.

 “But Trayvon was one of the few guys, okay, and this is what, I mean, this ripped, tore my heart apart.  She said he was one of the few guys that never made fun of me, about the way I dressed, about the way I talked, about my hair, about my complexion, you know, about my weight.  And she said, so we communicated, because Rachel was, she was pretty much an introvert and so for her to be a 19-year-old young lady…” (via http://www.verysmartbrothas.com)

Read the rest here: http://verysmartbrothas.com/rachel-trayvon-and-the-saddest-thing-ive-ever-read/Rachel_Jeantel_rtr_img-400x259


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