My new car, and a fair well to my beloved Sandra

my new car!

my new car!

I would always make fun of people who named their cars… until I became one of those people, haha. Funny thing is, I never named my vehicle until I started having to take over the responsibilities for its up keep. It was then that I established a “relationship” with my dear companion Sandra (my friends know her as Sandy). Yes, people, this is what I named  my old, and faithful Infiniti G35.

Through thick and thin, I must say, she was a trooper. Unfortunately, Sandy quickly became an endless money pit and a hassle which  led me to the decision to trade her ass in. Within a week and a half after making the decision, it happened… and quickly I might add. And now, here we are! I’m absolutely in LOVE with my new car. It has all the amenities I could want and it feels great! Don’t get me wrong, I miss the crap out of Sandy, but I’d much rather be rollin’ in this 🙂 Welcome home new car! Sorry, don’t have a name for ya’ yet. Ya’ll tell me what you think! Thanks 🙂


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