Album Review: Black Milk – Album of the Year

•Released: Sept 14 2010

•Label: Fat Beats Records

•Naima rates this album a 5 out of 5

Another Detroit native has dropped fresh hip hop heat. Black Milk’s latest project, Album of the Year, truly lives up to its ambitious name. The D-town emcee/producer has always had a cutting edge sound equip with original tracks, adventurous drum patterns, and spit fire lyrics. Well, Album of the Year is simply no different.

Black Milk’s collaborations along with go go influenced beats, brings massive varity to the project. Appearances from hip hop vets such as Royce da 5’9” as well as some of R&B’s fresher faces gives the project a unique flare. The album also features something for everyone. Tracks like “Oh Girl” and “Over Again” give a smoother, chill sound while beat bangers such as “365” and “Keep Going” keep your head bobbing.

It’s interesting how every track takes different avenues to reach the same cohesiveness while bringing the listener into Black Milk’s thoughts and feelings from the year prior. Detroit continues to put it’s best foot forward in hip hop and yes, Album of the Year is truly a collector’s item…for true hip hop lovers.

“This is who you call the truest/out the newest fold/to people watching our every move like The Truman Show.” —Black Milk, “Deadly Medley”


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