Karl Rove Heckled, yea, soo… Kelis, redneck rapper ect.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove gets heckled:

So the former White House Chief of Staff, Karl Rove, had a book signing on Monday (March 29th) in Beverly Hills that turned UG-LY. Now for those of you who aren’t familiar with this character (if you aren’t…you should stop reading now and go dig a hole for yourself), Rove was one of the masterminds behind the disaster we all know as the Bush administration. This guy, along with Dick Cheney, did some really grimy ish while running things for those eight years…but anyway, at the book signing there were some anti war protesters speaking their minds…while disrupting the discussion/book signing taking place. The protesters were rightfully accusing the Bush administration of lying to the American people about the threat Iraq posed on the United States. They also accused him and the administration of treason (which is oh so correct on so many levels). Jody Evans, the Co founder of the anti war group Code Pink, walked right up to Rove with handcuffs in tow ready to make her very own citizens arrest. Karl Rove tried to argue back with little success and was whisked away without signing one book. Too bad for the folks who paid 40 bucks a pop to have their books signed.


Sooooo… is this what home girl’s been spending Nas’ dough on?

Christian Milita Group…WOW: Not like this is anything super new but it is definantly on the serious side folks. Ok, so the FBI has gotten a hold of the last 9 members of a christian milita group rooted out of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The group has been charged with, get this people, plotting to kill a law enforcment officer and then bombing and shooting up the funeral persession. Why, you ask? They would do this in hopes of igniting an uprising against the U.S. Government. Although I know better than to take this lightly, all I wanna know is…who did they think would join them?

some of the christian milita suspects

Chuckle of the Day:The Redneck Rapper: BB Gunz

I stumbled on this guy last week on allhiphop.com and my friends and I have NOT stopped laughing…check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yedT-lWMDb8

ok so that's BB Gunz to the right and the dude next to him..well that's, uh umm...the white Freeway I guess

All of these folks get the Shaq face today:

Like really bro?


One comment

  1. I stumbled upon your blog after seeing a random tweet about it. Hilarious – and very insightful. I enjoyed all of the political commentary and will be back for more, but I must say that had I not read this today, I would not have been enlightened as to the whereabouts of this character, BB Gunz. I killed myself laughing on that. The video was worse than I could have ever imagined; I can only hope he’s spoofing somebody. If that’s for real, he has not friends – because friends don’t let friends try to rap when they can;t.

    On a serious note, I enjoyed the article on Karl Rove and his cronies, and most especially, about Dr. Dyson’s visit to SU.

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